Grahame Grieve

Founder and Product Director of HL7-FHIR

Grahame Grieve specialises in healthcare interoperability, and in balancing clinical, management, and business perspectives with a deep technical knowledge and capability and providing leadership to the healthcare community across the world to foster additional healthcare interoperability capacity and outcomes.

Grahame works with many organisations to provide leadership around product development, clinical safety, integration architecture, and standards implementation and development. Grahame has also conceived, lead and delivered clinical and interoperability standards, products, and communities. For nearly two decades, Grahame has been deeply involved in the open healthcare community, and particularly standards development, mostly at HL7. Grahame has used leadership positions and editorship of key structural standards to lead convergence between competing standard organizations, both across jurisdictions and domains.

Presently, Grahame Grieve is HL7’s Product Director for “FHIR” – the leading healthcare data exchange standard of the future. Grahame is responsible for community development, technical specifications, and growing the capability of FHIR and the FHIR Community to help solve health problems around the world.