Viet Nam

Interoperability Workshop in Viet Nam

SIL-Asia participated in a workshop on promoting interoperability in digital health in Viet Nam, which was attended by around 300 government officials and private sector stakeholders in October 2018. This event also started the collaboration between SIL-Asia and Electronic Health Administration of the Ministry of Health Viet Nam.

Establishment of Viet Nam Interoperability Lab

SIL-Asia is currently assisting Viet Nam as they form their own in-country lab. Several activities have been conducted with the Viet Nam Electronic Health Administration, such as capacity-building and technical workshops

Support to Viet Nam FHIR Capacity and Implementation

SIL-Asia started supporting Viet Nam in their implementation of FHIR as a national standard in digital health messaging.

-FHIR workshop (November 2017)
-FHIR workshop (January 2018)
-FHIR Connectathon (February 2018)
-EA Meeting and Data Center Operations (April 2018)
-Interoperability Evaluation of Ca Mau Commune (May 2018)
-FHIR Training and Deployment of FHIR Server (June 2018)

Technical Support in the Interoperability Lab Proposal Workshop

SIL-Asia helped the Viet Nam Electronic Health Administration (EHA) develop a proposal for their in-country interoperability lab during a workshop organized by the ADB last March 1-2, 2018.

Technical Support in the EHA Meeting

SIL-Asia shared its governance and technical expertise in the Viet Nam EHA meeting last March 16, 2018.

Interoperability Evaluation of DHIS 2 EMR Connection

SIL-Asia was represented by Prof. Philip Christian Zuniga to evaluate DHIS2 EMR Connection in Camaru last April 2018.

Capacity-building Support in establishing the Viet Nam Interoperability Lab

SIL-Asia organized and hosted, with support from ADB, a capacity-building workshop for the establishment of the Viet Nam Interoperability Lab last 13-15 June 2018. Seven representatives from the eHealth Administration (EHA), Ministry of Health Viet Nam participated in the capacity-building workshop.

HL7-FHIR Data Modeling

SIL-Asia was represented in the HL7-FHIR Data Modeling Workshop hosted by ADB in Hanoi, Viet Nam last 25-27 July 2018. Dr Raymond Sarmiento, SIL-Asia FHIR/Terminology Expert, and Prof. Philip Zuniga, SIL-Asia Technical Lead served as resource persons for the EHA audience during the three-day workshop.

Health Enterprise Architecture Framework Workshop

EHA Viet Nam participated in the SIL-Asia Health Enterprise Architecture Framework (HEAF) Workshop hosted by the Asian Development Bank last 7-9 August 2018. The workshop was facilitated by Iryna Roy, a health enterprise architect from Gevity in Canada. Overall, the discussions focused on health enterprise business architecture for health information exchange, specifically for primary point of service/health facility, insurance support, national and/or regional infrastructure support, secondary/tertiary health support, analytics, data use, and public health reporting.