Philip Christian Zuniga

Technical Lead/ Interoperability Expert

Philip Christian Zuniga is currently the Technical Lead at SIL-Asia. As Technical Lead, he oversees all the technical aspects of the various projects of the Lab. Within the lab, his focus is on Software Interoperability and Emerging Technologies. Prior to becoming a member of SIL-Asia, he has been engaged in several Digital Health initiatives with focus on standards use and interoperability. In 2015, he lead a team that developed a prototype Health Enterprise Service Bus for the Philippine Health Information Exchange. He has also worked with the Department of Information and Communications Technology on the National Government Common Platform. Aside from SIL-Asia work, he is also part of several grassroot projects that implement digital health solutions in communities.

When not working on interoperability issues, you can usually see him at the University of the Philippines campus. He is a full-time faculty member at the Department of Computer Science. He has been with the Department since 2007 and has handled a wide variety of courses, such as Computer Security, Programming, Modeling, Numerical Methods, Discrete Mathematics, Differential Equations, and Cryptography. Currently, he is handling Data Structures and Algorithms.

Also, he is currently on his way to finish a PhD in Computer Science at the University. He has a Masters degree in Mathematics. His research is on software interoperability, particularly in formalizing the interoperability layer as a component of software architectures. This is very interesting for him, as he can use what he does in research on his work as Interoperability expert at SIL-Asia. He is a member of the Computer Security Group at our Department.

At home, he would usually either play with his 5-year-old daughter, or play NBA live or Need for Speed in their game console. During weekends, he would just sleep for 10 – 12 hours. He loves lobsters and would spend hours just watching people eating/cooking lobsters in YouTube. If you have questions about him, his work or you’d want to send lobsters to him, please email Philip at