SIL-Asia presents its co-creation framework for interoperability lab set-up

SIL-Asia presents its co-creation framework for interoperability lab set-up

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December 21, 2018

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – SIL-Asia presented its framework and tools to help countries co-create their interoperability labs during the marketplace and open space sessions of the ‘6th Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN) General Meeting and Conference on Interoperability for Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC)’ on 8 October 2018 at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel.

The creation of an interoperability lab (IOL) in each country can facilitate health data and information exchange. At the national level, this aims to support evidence-based healthcare service delivery.

With this regard, the lab can serve as a tool to promote the achievement and measurement of universal health coverage.

SIL-Asia’s co-creation process on establishing IOL is divided into three main phases:

  1. CO-REALIZATION starts when the organization interested to set-up an IOL conceptualizes its identity as a lab. This phase involves a lot of planning and brainstorming sessions to help the IOL define its purpose. The objectives of the IOL must adhere with the national health sector’s strengths and priority areas.
  2. CO-BUILDING refers to the phase where the IOL participates in a series of foundational digital health training for capacity-building. SIL-Asia can help the IOL in the practical understanding and application of digital health frameworks for establishing a lab.
  3. CO-REALIZING happens once the IOL captures and translates lessons learned into action plans. This aims to share knowledge within (among lab members) and outside (among the community of interoperable labs) the lab for continuous learning.


Read the IOL workbook for co-creating an interoperability lab with SIL-Asia here.


The Standards and Interoperability Lab – Asia is a regional health interoperability laboratory powered by the Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN) and supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) with sponsorship fromThe People’s Republic of China Poverty Reduction and Regional Cooperation Fund (PRC Fund).
The concept for the Standards and Interoperability Lab – Asia was first conceived at the Regional Interoperability Workshop organized by AeHIN in Manila last August 2015 at the sidelines of the Global Health Research Forum. The regional lab was designed to serve as a template of labs in each country that will later form into the Community of Interoperability Labs (COIL).

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Standards and Interoperability Lab - Asia

Standards and Interoperability Lab - Asia

Regional Health Interoperability Lab in Asia powered by the Asia eHealth Information Network with support from the Asian Development Bank

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